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This site is intended for all those who have successfully modified their street cars. We are currently looking for people to write articles about their experiences, possibly with some pictures too for the site. If you would like to send in a story or just a few pictures, use the link on the left to send them in, (when sending a picture please attach it to your e-mail).

The Jag

I am currently in the process of restoring a 1989 Jaguar XJ6 to its former glory with a few additional extra's. I still have quite a way to go but its a lot better now than when i first bought it, i have added a new steering wheel and cd player inside, but i don't plan do alter the interior too much as its nice how it is. If you are now, or have, modified your car and would like to tell your story, this is the place for you.

I hope to have lots more pictures and stories from people soon to add to the site, so please keep up to date with any changes/improvements over the next few weeks, and keep those stories/pictures coming in.

I have just bought a 1997 BMW 323i convertible, 2.5i straight six injection, pictures to follow soon.

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